What is the Alternative Website for IGTools?

Are you looking for an alternative website for IGTools? With the help of Instagram, everyone has an opportunity to communicate with the targeted audience, and for influencers and companies – to develop their brand. As the social media platform boasts of over a billion active users, the art of getting noticed in Insta remains a challenge that needs to be tackled through active participation and constant presentation of quality content. Tools like IGTools have gained popularity by promising to increase your followers, likes, views, and overall engagement.

However, IGTools can be dangerous and hold risks related to account disability alongside posing security threats. So, it is crucial to discuss the possibilities of using safer and more effective remedies to such a popular problem. In this blog, we will delve into the features of IGTools and introduce the best alternative website for IGTools that can help you achieve organic and sustainable Instagram growth.

What is IGTools?

IGTools.net is a platform designed to enhance your Instagram profile by increasing followers, likes, views, comments, and other engagement metrics. It provides several features that are meant to assist users in expanding their audience on the platform more quickly than by using organic strategies. This platform is used by most users aiming at increasing their social media credibility and prominence in a short span.

How does IGTools work?

IGTools works by leveraging various engagement tactics to increase visibility on Instagram. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how it operates:

Registration and login

Users need to register and log into the platform using their Instagram credentials. This is a critical step and poses a significant security risk, as sharing login details with third-party services can lead to account compromise.

Selecting tools

Once logged in, users can select from a variety of tools based on their specific needs:

Followers Tool: For increasing the number of followers.

Likes Tool: To boost the number of likes on posts.

Views Tool: To enhance the view count on videos, stories, and reels.

Comments Tool: For generating more comments on posts.

Other Engagement Tools: Including saves, shares, and votes for story polls.

Earning credits

Most of IGTools’ services are not entirely free. Users typically need to earn credits to use these tools. Credits can be earned in several ways:

Viewing Ads: Users watch advertisements to earn credits.

Following other accounts: By following other users on Instagram, participants can accumulate credits.

Liking and commenting: Engaging with posts from other users to gain credits.

These credits can then be exchanged for engagement boosts, such as more followers or likes.

Automated engagement

IGTools employs automated engagement tactics to deliver the promised boosts. This means that the interactions (followers, likes, comments, etc.) you receive are often generated by bots or other users seeking similar benefits, rather than genuine interest in your content.

Risks and considerations

While IGTools can provide a quick way to boost Instagram metrics, there are significant risks and ethical considerations:

Violation of Instagram’s terms of service: Using such services violates Instagram’s policies, potentially leading to account suspension or banning.

Security risks: Sharing your Instagram login details with third-party platforms can compromise your account security.
Quality of engagement: The followers and interactions you gain are often not genuine, which can harm your long-term engagement rates and credibility.

IG Tools features

IGTools is a tool whose goal is to help millions of people boost the results of their Instagram activity. Here’s a detailed look at each of these features:

IGTools followers

This feature helps in getting more followers in the Ig accounts of the users. Because of that, the amount of followers enables users to expand the sum of people knowing about them or their work and the degree of trust to them. The tool operates by using a users’ database where users follow other users, thus forming a self-sustaining growth system.

IGTools views free

Using this tool, one can get more views on the Instagram videos without paying for it. This should help in making it seem as popular as possible to others and increase the rate at which people may follow you or like your content. Thereby, having a higher likelihood of showing up on the explore page.

IGTools likes

This feature helps get more likes on specific posts provided by the users. Though more likes may be prevalent, they also contribute to the boost in the number of interactions and the Posts’ rank since active accounts boosts visibility by Instagram algorithms. It also gets the attention of organic followers who are in search of popular content with many likes.

IGTools story polls

In order to increase the level of engagement of users with the given Instagram stories, there is a possibility to raise the amount of votes made regarding story polls. Polls that accompany the stories should be interesting and engaging, and thus can induce more people to come and have a look at your profile, that is, polls can increase engagement and interest to your page.

IGTools saves

This tool helps in increasing the number of saves on a post. Saves are a crucial metric for Instagram’s algorithm, as they indicate that users find the content valuable enough to revisit. More saves can improve a post’s visibility and ranking, leading to sustained engagement over time.

IGTools comments

Regarding this feature, more comments will be involved in the posts that the users take part in. Comments are important in as far as they can be used to perpetuate the interaction with the readers. They can also increase the apparent engagement on your posts, which will be to both the algorithm as well as potential followers.

IGTools vote

This feature also assist users to gain more votes on their post, story or even a contest they may be holding. Likes are important for interactive contents and for contests since the visibility and the overall increase in activity will result in a more energetically refreshed profile.

IGTools net

IGTools.net is the central platform for all these features. It offers a user-friendly interface where users can easily access and manage the various tools. The platform is designed to streamline the process of boosting engagement metrics, providing a seamless experience for users.

IGTools story/reels views

This tool increases the view rate of Instagram’s stories and reels. More views mean that more people will be able to see the content which in turn makes it popular among the users of the social media. Those that are likely to be popular and received more views, receive a special feature that increases their popularity even more.

Pros and Cons of IGTools

Pros of IGTools

Quick increase in engagement metrics: IGTools ensures you easy increases in the rates with followers, likes, views, comments, and saves on Instagram. This immediate boost will immediately make the viewer perceive your profile as popular and well-known.

User-friendly interface: To increase usability and make the program as user friendly as possible, the structure of the interface is quite simple.

Variety of tools: Unlike alternative website for IGTools, it offers a large selection of tools to solve diverse engagement issues: followers, likes, views, story polls, saves, comments, votes. This is made possible by the fact that the kind of help offered varies and this variety enables users to locate areas that needs to be enhanced.

Free services available: Furthermore, most of the primary functionalities of IGTools are free to use that will enable the users to try the application and gain increased engagement directly without the costs of a trial.

No download required: IGTools is a web-based application hence there is no need for downloading and installing software, hence reducing on the spread of malware and can be easily accessed on different devices.

Cons of IGTools

Risk of account suspension: Using IGTools is out of order since Instagram is against artificial increasing of engagement rates. Such services might result in accounts being temporarily or permanently disabled.

Security concerns: Share your Instagram account credentials with any third-party service will be quite dangerous. Such platforms have been reported to have taken a toll with some users noting their accounts have been hacked.

Ethical issues: While it is easy to pad the engagement levels in a bid to demonstrate the extent of your impact to your audience and business associates, it will end up being misleading. This may complicate your position and possibly your reputation and credibility amongst your peers.

Quality of followers and engagement: The followers and engagement that users get through the help of IGTools are fake. Such followers may not engage with your content properly and therefore the overall quality of your audience deteriorates.

Inconsistent results: IGTools has been described by users to be partially helpful by some while other find it very useful. While some of it increases at this pace, others see little to no increase or only receive a burst of activity when using the service and then seeing that disappear shortly after that.

Potential for account hijacking: There is always a risk that your account could be hijacked if you provide your login details to third-party services. This could lead to loss of access and potential misuse of your account.

Why you need alternative website for IGTools

Using IGTools to boost your Instagram engagement metrics might seem appealing due to its immediate and tangible results. However, there are several compelling reasons why seeking alternative website for IGTools is a wiser and more sustainable approach for your Instagram growth. Here’s a detailed look at why you should consider alternative website for IGTools:

Compliance with Instagram’s terms of service

IGTools operates in a gray area by using methods that violate Instagram’s terms of service. Instagram’s policies explicitly prohibit artificial boosting of followers, likes, views, and other engagement metrics. Using such services can lead to:

Account suspension or ban: Instagram can temporarily or permanently suspend accounts found to be using these services, risking your hard-earned reputation and audience.

Shadowbanning: Your posts might become invisible to non-followers, drastically reducing your organic reach and engagement.

Security concerns

Providing your Instagram login credentials to third-party services like IGTools poses significant security risks:

Data breach: Your personal information and account details could be exposed if IGTools is hacked or if it mishandles your data.

Account hijacking: Unauthorized access to your account can lead to loss of control, where the service or malicious actors could post inappropriate content or spam your followers.

Authentic engagement

The engagement you gain from IGTools is often artificial, coming from bots or inactive accounts. This can lead to:

Low quality of followers: These followers are unlikely to interact meaningfully with your content, affecting your engagement rates and not contributing to real community building.

Misleading metrics: Artificial engagement gives a false impression of your influence, which can be detrimental when brands or potential collaborators assess your profile.

Long-term growth and sustainability

Sustainable Instagram growth relies on genuine engagement and a loyal follower base. Alternative website for IGTools often focus on organic growth strategies that include:

Content quality improvement: Tools that help you create better content can lead to more genuine engagement from users who appreciate your posts.

Targeted audience growth: Alternative website for IGTools, like Kicksta, uses advanced algorithms to interact with real users in your target demographic, ensuring the growth of a relevant and engaged audience.

In-depth analytics: Other alternative website for IGTools, such as Iconosquare and Tailwind, provide detailed insights into your performance, helping you refine your strategy for continuous improvement.

Ethical considerations

Using IGTools can raise ethical questions regarding the authenticity of your social media presence:

Transparency: Genuine influencers build their reputation on authentic engagement and transparent practices. Artificially inflating metrics can damage trust with your audience.

Reputation management: Maintaining a reputable presence on Instagram is crucial, especially for businesses and influencers. Ethical practices in follower and engagement growth are key to long-term success.

Feature-rich alternative website for IGTools

Many alternative website for IGTools offer robust features that can enhance your Instagram strategy more effectively:

Content scheduling: Tools like Hootsuite and Buffer allow you to plan and schedule posts, ensuring consistent activity on your profile.

Creative tools: Canva is another best alternative website for IGTools. It provides extensive templates and design tools, making content creation easy and visually appealing.

Comprehensive management: Agorapulse and Crowdfire offer all-in-one solutions for managing multiple social accounts, tracking performance, and engaging with your audience.

Now that you know why you need to look for alternative website for IGTools, here is the list of tools you can use.

Best alternative website for IGTools

If you’re looking for alternative website for IGTools, here are some of the best options that offer robust features to enhance your Instagram strategy:


Tailwind is rather famous for providing effective analytics and helping to schedule the necessary advertisings. It helps you to save time as it organizes your Instagram posts planning, designing, and evaluating process. Organized in the format of feeds, Tailwind’s visual planning implements lets you to plan and see what your feed looks like before posting. Also, there is hashtag suggestion feature, Instagram analytics and insights which can help you to manage your posting schedule.


In addition to being an amazing alternative website for IGTools, with Iconosquare you get detailed insights into how you’re doing and what you should do to improve. Iconosquare is designed for business-centered users and influencers that need to probe into deeper level of analysis for Instagram marketing; its features comprise of post scheduling, competition tracking, and benchmarking. It also gives the analysis of the level of engagement and the pattern of the generated followers.


Kicksta works on the concept of organic growth by connecting the app with real users in your desired demographic. This alternative website for IGTools makes use of complex targeting algorithms to engage the right users that have an interest in your posts. It is realistic and effective in building real followers and evolving the growth strategies without using bots and fake profiles.


Agorapulse is best alternative website for IGTools that provides the desired functions of social media management. It include the features that allow users to schedule, monitor, and analyze their Instagram accounts. Its unified inbox centralises all your social communication so you don’t have to jump between multiple apps, Its comprehensive reporting features on the other hand gives a vivid measure of your social effectiveness. Social mentions and sentiment analysis feature are also available in Agorapulse.


Hootsuite is one of the most used applications that work with several social networks at once, schedule posts and analyze the results. Among the features, its analytics allow the calculation of social ROI, and its team collaboration makes social campaigns easy to work on. Hootsuite also supports many applications and other platforms making the application even better.


You can use Crowdfire to find content and schedule content, maintain all your social accounts and view analytics. It recommends what you would like to see and thus makes the process easier in case you would like to continue feeding the db with new stuff. The Crowdfire application provides all the followers, one’s engagement rate, and one’s post’s performance data.


Another alternative website for IGTools, SocialInsider focuses on detailed analysis and comparison with competitors’ activities to optimize the performance of your Instagram. It gives full reports about the engagement rate, the audience’s general information, and the result of the published content. It also has the feature of benchmarking, so you can see how well you fare in your industry, useful information indeed.


Keyhole is a social media tracker that focuses on Instagram and helps to monitor an account and its performance. With Hashtag tracking, Influencer tracking, and Sentiment analysis, it helps the user track all the conversations or trends related to the brand. The interface of Keyhole provides the reports in a detailed and a graphical format where analyzing of the data becomes very simple.

Smartly. io

Smartly. io offers features for ad automation and it’s easy to use and effective in running advertisements on Instagram. It also works with several ad platforms enabling users to manage and thereby enhance ad campaigns. Smartly. io’s best options of target audience and features of creativity guarantee that your ads will reach the target and give a response.


Buffer is another alternative website for IGTools that helps in scheduling, post tracking, and multiple account management specifically for Instagram. This feature enables it its easy usage in a ways that help one to schedule and share content and comes with other features that assist in the analysis of the posts including their performance trends. It also supports team collaboration; thus, ideal for social media-related departments within an organization.

Conclusion: Best alternative website for IGTools

While IGTools offers a quick fix for boosting Instagram metrics, the potential risks and ethical concerns cannot be ignored. Fortunately, there are numerous robust and secure alternative website for IGTools that provide comprehensive solutions for Instagram growth and management.

Tools like Tailwind, Iconosquare, and Canva offer powerful analytics, content creation, and scheduling features that not only enhance your engagement but also ensure your growth is organic and sustainable. Whether you are looking to gain followers, increase post interactions, or manage multiple accounts efficiently, these alternative website for IGTools provide reliable and effective options.

By choosing these alternative website for IGTools, you can achieve your Instagram goals with confidence, knowing your account is safe. And your strategies are aligned with Instagram’s best practices.

FAQs: Alternative website for IGTools

Is IGTools legit or a scam?

IGTools is a legal services, which provides different tools to increase the indicators of activity in Instagram, including followers, likes, and views. On the other hand, it can be argued that it operates beyond the lawful domain most of the time, as it compromises the rules of using Instagram. This may result to account suspension or complete ban. However, it is also important to note that let users feedback concerning about the security and privacy problems, thus the necessary for being prudently.

Is IG tool free?

IGTools provides free services such as; followers promotion, likes promotion, and even views promotion. However, there might be some extra features in the application that can be unlocked only with real money or by completing some challenges that are given inside the application that yield credits. The main drawback of the free services is that they are accompanied by certain restrictions and thus, make the user think of advancement to the paid kind that offers more and is longer-lasting.

Is IGTools.net permanently closed?

In terms of the latest updates IGTools.net is operational. Nevertheless, owing to the fact that the status of such websites tends to fade in and out frequently, it is recommended that one visit the website and verify the latest information. Such sites may be sometimes down or may be closed permanently due to policies or some other reason. Considering alternative website for IGTools is a safe way to ensure the performance of your Instagram profile.

IGTools chrome extension: what is it?

It is a Chrome extension that when installed, allows users to access IGTools services from your web browser more conveniently. It is concerned with the process of working with IGTools by adding its functionality directly to the browser toolbar. Still, the reader should remember possible security threats connected with the acquisition of extensions from different sources.

Is IGTools.net safe?

Using IGTools.net involves potential risks. The primary concern is the violation of Instagram’s terms of service, which can lead to account suspension or banning. Additionally, there are security risks, such as the possibility of your account being hacked or your personal information being compromised. It’s crucial to consider these risks before using the service and to explore safer, more reliable alternative website for IGTools for Instagram growth.

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