Top 10 Ways To Increase Instagram Followers: Get Real Followers

Even with the constant emergence of newer and more diverse social media platforms, Instagram continues to be a popular key tool for people, celebrities, and companies to communicate with their public and promote both themselves and their products. Facebook has over 1 billion active users; as such, the chances of getting lost in the crowd are all too real. It can often take creativity and well-planned use of new and effective Instagram marketing strategies. Towards the end of this blog, we’ll discuss the top 10 ways to increase Instagram followers while also discussing some of the major mistakes to avoid.

Instagram marketing like any other form of marketing is constantly undergoing transformations due to the growth in technology. Before discussing 10 ways to increase Instagram followers, let’s check out the latest trends shaping the way brands engage with their audience:

  1. Short-form video content: Since the surge of TikTok, Instagram Reels gained much fame among people. Video is a very effective means of communication that helps attract attention and reuse people in a short time.
  2. Interactive content: Polls, quizzes, and Q&A sessions in the Instagram Stories make people interact directly, and it might help gain more attention from followers.
  3. User-generated content (UGC): Reposting the content provided by your followers will help to strengthen the sense of community and make your followers trust you.
  4. Shopping features: These two features, Instagram Shopping and Shoppable Posts, are helping businesses to present their products and make a sale within the app.
  5. Augmented reality (AR) filters: Brand AR filters for users may also support the creation of higher individual values for sales promotions with creativity.

Top 10 ways to increase Instagram followers

Growing your Instagram followers requires a mix of strategic planning, creative content, and consistent engagement. Here are the top 10 ways to increase Instagram followers:

Optimize your Instagram account

Embed keywords into your username and name

Optimizing your Instagram profile with its username and name containing important keywords helps your profile to be easily searchable. This is one of the genuine 10 ways to increase Instagram followers. For example, if you’re a coach for fitness, then you are likely to fit keywords such as ‘fitness’ or ‘trainer’ if users are searching for those two terms.

Optimize your Instagram bio with relevant information and keywords

Instagram bio is an initial summary of the profile that any visitor comes across on this social platform. Here, one should include their name or nickname, their profession, occupation or interests, and what the followers will get out of your profile. Ensure the keywords can be easily noticed so that the content can be easily found and shared. Also, add the CTA that would prompt users with the actions to be taken next.

Cross-promote your Instagram handle on other channels

Share your Instagram handle on your website, email signature, and other social media platforms

Sharing your Instagram handle is another effective tip from our top 10 ways to increase Instagram followers. Start sharing them on your website, at the bottom of your emails, or on your other social media accounts can create your Instagram followers from your already existing audience. Ensure that people who are already cultured with your content on other social media pages can easily locate and switch to your Instagram page.

Build an Instagram marketing strategy

Develop a comprehensive plan that includes your goals, target audience, content themes, and posting schedule

The growth of any Instagram marketing campaign requires the proper formulation of strategies that can consistently be implemented. First, understand what it is you want to achieve, whether you want to establish brand recognition, drive traffic to the website, or perhaps sell a product. Know your public and cultivate topics that would be interesting to them. Creating a routine of posting content is also one of the 10 ways to increase Instagram followers.

Use relevant hashtags

Research the popular hashtags within your niche before using them

Using hashtags is one of the 10 ways to increase Instagram followers and raising awareness of the posts. Study trending tags relevant to your field and utilize main and secondary tag lists that will let your post reach more people. This is why Hashtagify, and the hashtags Instagram suggests when you enter them are a great companion for discovering the right hashtags.

Collaborate with Instagram creators or other small businesses

Partner with influencers or businesses in your niche to reach their followers

Collaborations are one of the best ways of increasing your visibility and credibility. Choose influencers and/or businesses that have your target demographic’s interest. Promoting posts or sharing posts of others, promotions, giveaways, or even inviting other interesting profiles to take over your account, can help you gain new potential followers.

Engage with customers, brand advocates, and influencers

Interact with your audience by responding to comments and engaging with content

Communication is bidirectional, this means that initiation and reciprocation lie with both parties involved in the interchange. Engage your followers by embracing the response to comments, contributions, and sharing of content by the followers, opinion leaders, and influencers on the social media platform. This increases interest in the people who follow you or form part of your community. Hence, attracting more followers.

Create posts that followers want to read

Analyze your high-performing content to understand what resonates with your audience

Use Instagram Insights to analyze your content performance. Identify which posts receive the most engagement and try to understand why. Create more of the content that resonates with your audience to keep them engaged and attract new followers.

Leverage short-form video content

Create Instagram reels and other short-form videos to capture attention

Reels are much shorter and very effectively grab the users’ attention. Short-form videos are favored in Instagram’s feed algorithm and are one of the 10 ways to increase Instagram followers. The more people engage with your Reels, the more new followers you will gain and the more your audience will enjoy the content.

Go live on Instagram

Instagram Live helps you engage with your audience in real time

Instagram Live is interactive when you are addressing your audience in real time, which makes the session more casual and familiar. As for the tips, which can enhance the frequency of attendance, consider the live sessions that can be used for the Q&A session, backstage tours, or special messages.

Run an Instagram giveaway

Organize giveaways that require participants to follow your account

Giveaways are one of the effective 10 ways to increase Instagram followers. This also helps increase your profile’s visibility. Request that individuals follow your account, engage with your posts by liking them, and tag friends in order to participate. This strategy can greatly increase your number of followers and overall engagement.

These are the top 10 ways to increase Instagram followers. But focusing on your existing users is also important to keep your Instagram profile engaging. Here is how you can utilize them in the best way.

How to utilize your existing Instagram followers to the fullest

It is equally important to make the most out of current followers in the same way as it is in searching for new ones. Here are some strategies:

  • Engage consistently: Take the time to participate in conversations and respond to your followers’ comments and likes, and often use direct messages.
  • Provide value: Teach your audience something and share unique behind the scenes information that is valuable to help build the audience’s trust in your brand.
  • Encourage UGC: The usage of UGC can give you free content-enriched context and at the same time create a loyal followership.
  • Offer exclusive content: Make sure to bang your followers with some of the unique content, and special offers or give them an opportunity to buy new things before others can get that.

What not to do to increase Instagram followers

While we discussed the 10 ways to increase Instagram followers, it’s important to know about the practices that can do more harm than good:

Buying followers: Buy active followers are mostly fake accounts containing bots or people who are not active on the sites and do not usually respond to the content.

Using engagement pods: These groups simply increase your engagement which, if recognized by Instagram as fake, might attract severe penalties.

Over-posting: If you post frequently, this can be perceived as invasive and flood their timeline and they just tend to unfollow you.

Ignoring your audience: If you’re not into encouraging some of your followers to continue following you, they will indeed feel unwelcome and unimportant.

Conclusion: 10 ways to increase Instagram followers

To grow the number of followers on Instagram, there are several effective and efficient steps that include optimization, getting engaged, collaboration, and content creation. With the help of these 10 ways to increase Instagram followers listed above, it is possible to grow your Instagram account in a gradual, but organic way. It is crucial to realize that regardless of how rewarding a following is, it will not materialize overnight. It will take time and several efforts to create a loyal and active community of followers.

FAQs: 10 ways to increase Instagram followers

How do I get real followers on Instagram?

To attract real followers on Instagram, focus on authenticity, engagement, and providing value. Ensure that the information you use and upload to your Instagram account is semantically marked by what the users of this social network are interested in, post-professional content as frequently as possible, use hashtags mindfully, react to comments and messages, cooperate with influencers or brands, organize contests/giveaways, advertise your Instagram profile on other social networks and perhaps use paid advertising on Instagram.

How do I get real 1000 followers on Instagram?

To get 1000 real followers on Instagram, there are certain approaches that must be undertaken. Follow these helpful tips below:
Optimise your profile,
Post great content on a constant basis,
Hashtag appropriately,
Engage with the audience constantly,
Partner, host or participate in giveaways/contests,
Advertise your Instagram page across different platforms,
Use advertisements to reach the targeted clients.

How can I increase my followers fast on Instagram?

If you want to grow your followers on Instagram, quickly and safely, it is important to use all of the above-mentioned 10 ways to increase Instagram followers. Some of the tips include:
You must ensure that your profile picture is clear
Post content regularly, content that is relevant
Use hashtags correctly
Engage with your followers actively
Invite influencers and brands to partner with you
Use sponsored accounts on IG.

How to get 30 followers a day?

To get 30 followers a day, implement the ’10 ways to increase Instagram followers’ mentioned above. Make sure your account is easy to find, post regularly, post related content at the right time of the day or even week, use relevant hashtags, interact with accounts that fit your niche, do shoutouts or find partners, ask your fans to tag you in their posts, post engaging contests or challenges, promote your Instagram on other social media platforms, and use advertisements wisely.

How do I get 0 to 10000 followers on Instagram?

It takes time to move from 0 to 10,000 followers on Instagram, and it demands time and persistence.
Start by enhancing your profile, often posting good content, tagging images with trending Hashtags, establishing a real relationship with your audience, partnering with a few influencers or brands, hosting contests or giveaways, sharing crossways to Instagram and IG stories, and using paid promotions to get to your follower objectives.

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