New Gmail ‘Package Tracking’ Tool is for Shopaholics: Provides ‘Get it by Dec 24’ Updates

Last year in November, Google added an important upgrade called the Gmail package tracking tool. This feature streamlines the task of product tracking by removing the need to open individual emails. Instead, the app now pushes emails to the top of your inbox if your product delivery date changes. This information will be visible below the email’s subject in orange (on the inbox page). This comes in handy as now you no longer have to scour through the inbox to know when you will receive your package.

Keep on reading for more details about this new package tracking tool.

Key Features of Gmail Package Tracking Tool

Automatic Prioritisation and Real-time Delivery Updates

Gmail now automatically prioritises communications about packages, a significant improvement to the package tracking service. At its core, Gmail uses intelligent algorithms to detect when a user’s product delivery date has changed and to prioritise emails that are still relevant to them.

Thanks to this clever positioning, users won’t have to wade through a deluge of emails to get to the critical stuff. An eye-catching orange now clearly highlights these emails’ subject lines, making them impossible to miss.

This improvement streamlines the tracking process and saves users precious time by eliminating the need to look for delivery updates manually. An improved and more user-friendly email experience is made possible by these real-time updates, which keep subscribers informed about any changes to the delivery timing of their shipment.

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Integration of Return Policy Information

Gmail knows its customers want a smooth and all-encompassing experience, so they’ve included the store’s return policy information on the delivery tracking card. After the shipment has been delivered, the tracking card at the top of the email changes to show important return policy information. Information regarding return policies is also available to users without requiring them to call customer service or search websites.

Get it by Dec 24

During the holiday season, Gmail has added a new function for US users to ensure their messages arrive on time. Users can now narrow their product search results by guaranteeing delivery before December 24th, thanks to a new filter that has been included. The ‘Get it by Dec 24’ filter shines during Christmas, making shopping much more accessible for American users.

Users’ Activation Procedure

This update does a better job of improving the package tracking tool, but users still need to do something to enjoy it. To begin the user-friendly tracking process, go to the Settings page and click the Turn on package tracking button.

This deliberate opt-in method allows Gmail users to choose which features to add to their inbox. In addition, it aligns with Google’s principles of giving people control over the features they wish to use and protecting user privacy.

Global Availability and Future Updates

Users in the US are the only ones who can access these feature updates at the moment. On the other hand, users worldwide are waiting with bated breath for these features to get regional updates, perhaps. Users outside the US may soon be able to use these enhancements in their Gmail accounts, despite the current limited availability, thanks to Google’s history of worldwide update rollouts.

Updates and improvements to the Gmail package tracking tool might be on the way, given Google’s dedication to improving user experience and remaining at the forefront of technical innovation. With each update, Google works to improve Gmail for everyone, and the world’s users will surely reap the benefits.

If you have any doubts about the new package tracking tool, drop your message in the comment section below.

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