How Does Meesho Supplier Panel Work and What Are the Benefits of Selling on the Meesho App?

Are you planning to sell on Meesho app, but don’t know how to get started with Meesho Supplier panel?
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The rapid advancements in technology is changing the way we shop and sell products online.

Meesho is one of top 10 online shopping sites in India that has empowered not hundreds but thousands of individuals to sell online. It offers an easy to use interface which offers convenience for beginners.

Still, many sellers find it difficult to operate Meesho supplier panels. So, in this blog, we’ll be discussing everything from what Meesho is, how the Meesho supplier panel works, and the benefits of selling on this app. Let’s get started then!

What is Meesho?

Meesho is an India-based eCommerce platform that came into existence in 2015. Using this app, individuals and small business owners can sell products by easily sharing them on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

How does Meesho work?

The working of Meesho is quite simple.

Resellers are individuals or small businesses that don’t own, manufacture, or store the products listed on Meesho. Instead, Meesho connects these resellers with genuine suppliers and manufacturers.

Resellers can choose the products they like on the app, add their margin price and then market them on their own network of buyers.

As a supplier, your responsibility is to pack and ship the product to the buyers after they make a purchase from the reseller’s shared link. In return, the reseller gets the margin cost as a commission.

For example, Naina markets a Kurti of ₹200 on Meesho app and then shares it to her network by adding a margin of ₹50. So, the total cost of the Kurti will be shown as ₹250 when someone clicks on the shared link.

When someone purchases this Kurti, the Meesho supplier will pack and ship it directly to the buyer. The supplier, in return, will get ₹200 and Naina will get ₹50 as her commission.

What is the Meesho Supplier Panel?

The Meesho Supplier Panel is a dedicated dashboard for suppliers where they can list and sell their products. This tool further allows them to track the orders, manage inventories, and analyse sales performance. So, it’s simply a one-stop-all platform for suppliers.
Meesho Supplier panel helps suppliers streamline their operations and effectively reach a broad customer base through Meesho’s extensive network of resellers.

What are the Benefits of Selling on the Meesho App?

Wide Reach

Meesho has access to a vast network of resellers. These individuals can market and share supplier’s listed products to their customers across India. This extensive reach provides suppliers with increased sales and brand visibility.


Selling on Meesho eliminates the need to open or own physical stores; therefore, reduces marketing costs. Suppliers can simply use the platform’s existing reseller network and resources to promote their products without incurring significant expenses.

Ease of Use

The Meesho Supplier Panel is a user-friendly dashboard where suppliers can list their products, manage inventory, and track orders. Its intuitive interface further ensures that even beginners and non-tech savvy individuals can also navigate and utilise the platform easily.

Marketing Support

Meesho offers various marketing tools and insights to help suppliers optimise their product listings and reach more customers. Suppliers can also use Meesho’s in-built analytics to get data on sales performance, customer behaviour, and market trends.

Timely Payments

Meesho ensures timely payments to suppliers, providing a reliable cash flow which is crucial for business operations. The platform’s transparent payment process further builds trust and fosters a positive working relationship.

Customer Support

Meesho provides robust customer support to both suppliers and resellers. This support includes assistance with product listing, order management, and resolving any issues that may arise during transactions.

How to access Meesho Supplier Panel?

Meesho Supplier panel is an easy to use dashboard that helps you get quickly set up your products and start earning profits. Follow these steps to get started:


  • Start by visiting the official Meesho Supplier website or simply download the Meesho app.
  • Click on the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Register’ button. After this, you will be prompted to fill out a registration form with essential details such as:
    • Business Name: Enter the name of your business as registered.
    • GSTIN: Provide your Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN). This is mandatory for all suppliers.
    • Contact Information: Include your email address and phone number for communication purposes.
    • Create Account: After filling in the details, create your account by setting a secure password.


Once you have registered your business on Meesho, you’ll need to submit the required documents for verification. These typically include:

  • GSTIN Certificate: To validate your business.
  • Business Registration Documents: Proof of your business registration.
  • Bank Account Details: For payment processing.

Meesho will review the submitted documents to ensure they are valid. This process can take a few days. Meesho may contact you for any additional information or clarification if needed.


After successful verification, you will receive a confirmation email from Meesho. Then, you can use the credentials (email/phone number and password) you provided during registration to log in to the Meesho Supplier Panel.

Set Up Profile

Once logged in, you need to complete your business profile. This includes filling up details like:

  • Business Information: Detailed description of your business, including your business type and product categories.
  • Bank Details: Enter your bank account information to ensure smooth payment transactions.
  • Shipping Information: Provide details about your shipping policies and logistics partners, if any.

After completing your business profile, set up the product categories you plan to list. This helps in organising your products and making them easily searchable for resellers.

List Products

To list your products, start by uploading them on the Supplier panel. For each product, you will need:

  • High-quality images from multiple angles.
  • Detailed and accurate product descriptions including specifications and features, like colour, size, patterns, etc.
  • Determine the selling price for each product. Ensure the pricing is competitive and accounts for any commissions and costs.

Bulk Upload Option: If you have a large inventory, use the bulk upload feature by preparing a CSV file with product details. This can save time and streamline the listing process.

Review and Publish: After uploading, review your listings to ensure all information is accurate and complete. Once satisfied, publish the products to make them available to resellers.

By following these steps, you will be able to access the Meesho Supplier Panel and start listing your products, reaching a vast network of resellers and customers. The user-friendly interface and support provided by Meesho make it easy for suppliers to manage their online business effectively.

How does Meesho Supplier Panel work?

Meesho Supplier Pane streamlines the entire process of listing, selling, and tracking the performance of your products on the platform. Here are the key features of Meesho Supplier panel:

Product Listing

Easy Uploads: Suppliers can list their products by uploading high-quality images, writing detailed product descriptions, and setting competitive prices. This helps in creating appealing listings that attract resellers and customers alike.

Bulk Uploads: For suppliers with large inventories, the panel supports bulk uploads through CSV files. You can save a lot of time using this feature as you can upload a large number of products in just one click.

Category and Attribute Management: Suppliers can categorise their products and define attributes like size, colour, and material. This makes it easier for resellers to search and filter products.

Real-Time Updates: Any changes to product details, such as pricing or stock availability, can be updated in real-time. This keeps resellers up-to-date with the most latest information.

Inventory Management

Stock Level Tracking: Meesho Supplier panel provides real-time updates on stock levels. It helps you avoid stockouts and overstock situations.

Low Stock Alerts: Suppliers can set alerts for low stock levels, prompting timely reorders and ensuring continuous availability of products.

Automated Reordering: The system can be configured to automate reordering processes based on predefined stock thresholds. This streamlines the inventory management process.

Inventory Reports: Detailed reports on inventory status, turnover rates, and stock movements help suppliers optimise their inventory management practices.

Order Management

Order Tracking: Suppliers can track the status of each order from placement to delivery. This includes viewing order details, shipping information, and expected delivery dates.

Return and Cancellation Management: Meesho Supplier panel allows you to manage returns and cancellations efficiently. This includes processing refunds and restocking returned items.

Bulk Order Processing: For high-volume sellers, the panel supports bulk processing of orders. This reduces the time and effort required to manage multiple orders.

Customer Communication: Suppliers can communicate directly with resellers regarding order status, special requests, and any issues that may arise, ensuring smooth transactions.

Sales Analytics

Performance Metrics: The Supplier Panel provides detailed analytics on sales performance, including total sales, average order value, and top-selling products.

Customer Insights: Access to data on customer demographics and purchasing behaviour helps suppliers tailor their product offerings and marketing strategies as per customer’s requirements.

Trend Analysis: Suppliers can identify market trends and seasonal variations in demand. This enables them to adjust their inventory and marketing efforts accordingly.

Profitability Reports: Detailed reports on revenue, costs, and profit margins help suppliers make informed business decisions and optimise their pricing strategies.

Marketing Tools

Promotional Campaigns: Meesho offers various promotional tools, such as discounts, coupons, and limited-time offers. You can use it to further boost sales.

Advertising Support: Suppliers can participate in Meesho’s advertising campaigns, gaining increased visibility through sponsored listings and featured products.

SEO Optimization: The panel provides tips and tools for optimising product listings for search engines, improving their chances of appearing in search results.

Banner Ads and Promotions: Suppliers can create and use promotional banners within the panel to highlight special deals and new product launches, attracting more resellers and buyers.

Payment Management

Payment Tracking: The panel includes a section for tracking payments. Suppliers can view detailed payment histories, including the status of pending payments and completed transactions.

Timely Payments: Meesho ensures timely disbursement of payments to suppliers, typically on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on the agreed terms.

Reconciliation Reports: Suppliers can access detailed reconciliation reports that match orders with payments, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial transactions.

Dispute Resolution: Meesho Supplier panel provides tools for resolving payment disputes, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and fairly.

By leveraging these comprehensive features, suppliers can efficiently manage their operations, optimise their sales strategies, and achieve sustainable growth on the Meesho platform.

Conclusion: Meesho Supplier Panel

Meesho Supplier Panel is an essential tool for any supplier looking to expand their business on Meesho app. With its user-friendly interface, extensive reach, and robust support system, Meesho offers a unique opportunity for suppliers to grow their sales and streamline their operations. By leveraging the benefits of selling on the Meesho app, suppliers can access a wider market, reduce operational costs, and achieve sustainable growth.

FAQ about Meesho Supplier Panel

How do I sign up for the Meesho Supplier Panel?

To sign up, visit the Meesho Supplier website or download the app from Play Store. After this, complete the registration form with your business details, and submit the required documents for verification. After Meesho verifies your business details, you are all set to sell your products.

What documents are required for verification on Meesho?

Usually, Meesho requires you to submit your GSTIN, business registration documents, and bank account details.

Is there any cost to list products on Meesho?

Meesho doesn’t charge for listing products. However, a commission fee is deducted from each sale made through the platform.

How do I receive payments for my sales?

Payments are processed by Meesho and credited directly to your registered bank account. The platform ensures timely payments for all completed transactions.

Can I sell any type of product on Meesho?

Meesho allows a wide range of products, but there are certain restrictions on prohibited items. Refer to Meesho’s guidelines for detailed information on allowed product categories.

How can I optimise my product listings?

Use high-quality images, write clear and detailed descriptions, and set competitive prices. Meesho also provides marketing tools and insights to help you improve your listings.

What support does Meesho offer to suppliers?

Meesho provides comprehensive support, including customer service for order issues, marketing assistance, and detailed sales analytics to help you grow your business.

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